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Requisition Number 18-0010
Title Sports Producer
Job Type Full Time Regular
Union Unaffiliated
Location Denny
City Seattle
State WA
Work Schedule Varies, flexibility needed

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We are excited to announce an immediate opening for a Sports Producer! This vital role supports reporting and engagement with sports news as a non-exempt, unaffiliated job reporting to the Sports Editor. The Sports Producer is directly responsible for the presentation and packaging of local news online, on mobile devices and on social media. Successful applicants will understand their primary focus is driving reader engagement through high impact curation and presentation of stories as well as the creation of features unique to digital platforms.


Essential Functions

Collaborates with editors, producers, photo and video editors, print and digital designers and other newsroom editors to raise the profile of Sports content across multiple platforms. Spearheads new content initiatives and products to grow readership and engagement. In addition, the Sports Producer is expected to: 

o Crafting the presentation of Sports content on The Seattle Times homepage and Sports channels. Adjusting leads, headlines, photos and teasers to emphasize highest priority coverage.

o Engaging readers with staff-written content via social media.

o Conceiving and executing Sports projects and reader engagement activities.

o Training and coaching Sports staff on digital tools and current best practices for digital publishing.

o Acting as a player/coach with the Associate Sports Producer to elevate the quality of the digital sports report.

o Corrals and coaches writers, editors and sports desk editors to collectively create relevant, engaging and accurate content for multiple platforms and social networks. Serves as a resource for Sports staffers who have questions about digital publishing tools, social media and changing technology.

o Plans and executes a large volume of digital articles and projects with a high degree of detail, without losing sight of mission-critical priorities and serving readers with high-impact, engaging, must-have news, resources and information.

o Ensures proper staffing of the digital sports site, looking ahead to night and weekend needs.

o Takes part in planning of Sports special sections, conceiving, planning and executing digital packaging and special digital features to complement those sections.

o Contributes to the news organization as a whole through committee involvement, planning projects and programs, etc. and by assisting other departments as needed.



o Requires a bachelor’s degree in journalism or a related field, or equivalent experience.

o Must have prior digital publishing experience; daily or weekly publishing experience is desirable.

o Must have native-level fluency with the Web and a deep understanding of how people use digital tools to produce and consume information.

o Must have knowledge of AP style, understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) principles and strong writing ability, particularly in headlines and summaries.

o Must have deep knowledge of sports and sports journalism, to contribute to story planning, make informed decisions about story play and presentation, write accurate headlines and produce the digital sports report.

o Requires advanced social media skills, including ability to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other emerging social networks to gather and disseminate news, reach new audiences and track the changing social landscape.

o Must have the ability to analyze stories and make judgments about content, libel, newsworthiness, fairness, accuracy, etc., while under pressure and on deadline.

o Requires a broad knowledge about current events, politics, crime/courts and local news.

o Must be able to facilitate the use of social media in a news environment.

o Must have the ability to craft accurate, enticing headlines for print and Web.

o Must maintain and sustain attention and effectively interact with people in extremely stressful situations.

o Must have the ability to organize time well and juggle multiple tasks. Must be able to meet daily and changing deadlines and balance workloads.

o Requires flexibility and ability to handle a variety of assignments. Must be able to adapt to change creatively and with a problem-solving approach.

o Must demonstrate willingness to perform routine but necessary duties.

o Must be punctual for assigned meetings and work shifts.

o Should be able to respond constructively to direction, suggestions, and critiques.

o Must have a solid foundation in journalistic principles. Must understand and uphold the standards, ethics and mission of visual journalism at The Seattle Times, regardless of platform.



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