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Requisition Number 17-0061
Post Date 12/18/2017
Title Director, School Ministry
Organization The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod
Job Grade 8
City St. Louis
State MO
FT/PT Full Time

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Organization Profile

  • The Office of National Mission coordinates and supports domestic ministries that serve congregations and schools through the districts of the Synod (Bylaw


Reporting Relationships

  • Reports to the Executive Director of the Office of National Mission, (ONM) providing timely reports on all aspects of school ministry complying with the purpose of ONM.
  • Serves as part of the ONM team, working together to proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Essential Job Functions


  • Plans, implements and oversees all School Ministry activities and events in line with the goals and mission of the Synod and ONM.
  • Represents and promotes School Ministry and the ONM at conferences, conventions, workshops, meetings and other functions.
  • Provides leadership (visitation) and resources (conferences, etc.) which support and extend Lutheran schools operated by the Synod's member congregations.
  • Sets the vision and direction for School Ministry.
  • Plans and oversees all aspects of leadership training and development of resources to assist Lutheran schools (i.e., SLED).
  • Provides leadership and direction for the use of technology-based tools for the support of Lutheran schools.
  • Provides resources and strong advocacy for the starting of new schools.
  • Plans and oversees programs to strengthen the relationship between church and school (i.e., LSCS).
  • Promotes the National Lutheran School Accreditation program so excellence in Lutheran education continues throughout the Church.  Approve members for NLSA site vists.
  • Oversees the preparation and distribution of NLSA Certificates of Accredition along with letters of commendation. 
  • Serves as official liaison with other accrediting partner and state agencies. 
  • Coordinates responsibilities as dictated by agreements with secular accrediting agencies.
  • Sets the direction and offers guidance in the development of materials to promote Lutheran schools (web, print, television, etc.)
  • Develops and administers the annual School Ministry budget.
  • Writes grants and secures funding for School Ministry projects.
  • Provides annual reports to the NAC, the ONM and participating districts. 
  • Secures, interprets and communicates pertinent school statistics in order to support school-related decision making at the national, district, university and local level.
  • Communicates regularly with the ONM Executive Director and performs other related tasks as assigned by the ONM Executive Director of National Mission.



  • Works in collaboration with districts in support of Lutheran schools.
  • Identifies the appropriate contact person related to Lutheran schools in each district.
  • Collaborates and communicates regularly with district education executives and  to provide leadership training events when needed.
  • Oversees the ongoing relationship between School Ministry and the various district staff so that the work being carried out is done in concert with and support of the district.



Education and Experience


  • A commissioned or ordained Minister of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, faithful to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, preferrably with a minimum of ten years in school ministry.
  • A member in good standing of a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregation who is supportive of the Synod's constitution, bylaws and policies and familiar with the structure, polity, organization, and procedures of the synod.
  • Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to the Word and Sacrament ministry of the Church.
  • Understands the structure of the Synod and is supportive of the Synod's position.
  • Experience in long and short-range planning techniques and procedures.
  • Experience in writing and public speaking to various groups and organizations.
  • Experience in conducting seminars, conferences, workshops and training events.
  • Authorship of published articles on subjects related to Lutheran education, (desirable).
  • An advanced degree in Lutheran education or administration, a terminal degree is preferred.  Post-graduate course work in administration, supervision, and leadership, and have experience in office management and supervision of a team ministry staff.


Competencies (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)


  • A visionary and proactive leader in School Ministry.
  • Views Lutheran education as a key component of strengthening congregations (revitalization).
  • Viewed by peers as a leader in Lutheran education.
  • Proven skill, experience and working knowledge of good administrative procedures, especially as these skills relate to the ONM.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with and coordinate with persons and groups in a variety of related ministries and services in the Synod, in other church bodies and outside the church.
  • Ability to function as a member of the ONM team and in supportive relationships with district leaders.
  • A self-starter with ability to develop a vision for the future.
  • Ability to express clearly in written language, adapting writing to the audience.
  • Willingness and ability to travel as needed.


Supervisory Responsibility


  • Supervises the Associate Director of School Ministry and other school staff.
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